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Effective Altruism Australia & New Zealand

Doing the most good down under

Our goal is to support and encourage Australians and New Zealanders in making helping others a central part of our lives, and to foster the use of evidence and reasoning as a means of ensuring our help is as effective as possible.


Who we are

Effective Altruism (EA) is a movement that promotes the use of evidence and reasoning to determine the most effective ways of doing good. Effective altruism encourages individuals to consider all causes and all actions they could take, then to act in the way that brings about the greatest positive impact to the world.


We believe that individual altruistic intentions are an essential component of a just society, but alone they are not sufficient for helping others, since many attempts to do good fail due to lack of knowledge and unintended consequences. We believe that careful examination of the best available evidence should critically inform our decisions about how to best use or scarce time and resources. You can learn more about effective altruism at

Effective Altruism Australia and New Zealand (EAANZ) is a community-based organisation which coordinates the activities of the many local EA groups throughout the region. We strive to foster productive relationships between members of the EA community, and also to reach out to the general public in promoting our values of compassion, integrity, and intellectual rigour.

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What We Do


Community Coordination

We help to coordinate the activities of local EA groups throughout Australia and New Zealand by sharing information, facilitating discussion between leaders, and providing assistance where needed.



We prepare reports and organise public events with the purpose of advocating for a greater role for charitable action in public life, and a greater focus on the efficacy of both public and private charitable programs.

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Measuring impact

We provide assistance to EA community groups with setting and reviewing goals, sharing information about best practices, and helping to measure the impact of our efforts.


Annual Conference

Each year we partner with a local EA group to organise a conference featuring talks and workshops presented by a wide range of academics, activists, and community organisers, on subjects such as global poverty, animal welfare, and global catastrophic risks.

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Event Calendar

This is a temporary calendar for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic to show online events about effective altruism, some run by effective altruism groups in New Zealand and Australia (in red text), and some international events (in green text).

If you want to see even more events, head to the Effective Altruism Online Events Facebook group, or join EA groups based on interest area, profession, and affiliation.

Note: Events are shown in Eastern Australia Time - Sydney.
Click on the + on the bottom right of the calendar to add this to your personal google calendar.

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